Sunday, March 4, 2012

Video Gaming Industry Now Stands at $64 Billion

I read an article recently that stated that the video gaming industry is now worth about $64 billion dollars annually.

$64 billion.

Apparently more than half of that revenue now comes from games designed to run on smart phones and mobile devices.

I wonder how much of the mobile traffic AT&T feels it needs to "throttle" back is due to gaming?

$64 billion. Does that make sense to you?

This past December Zynga, who depends on over 240 million people who play its online games regularly, successfully completed a one billion dollar IPO.

Yes there is money to be made in gaming. Especially mobile gaming. And no doubt desperate hi-tech companies losing revenue in their traditional markets, might look to gaming as a way to turn the tide. At this week's Game Developer's Conference, RIM will be pushing hard to attract developers to support their Playbook tablet.

Quite the roll of the dice if you ask me.

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